One Dead, Two to Go (An Eddie Shoes Mystery)


Private Investigator Eddie Shoes, aka Edwina Schultz, has a lot of baggage, including a gypsy card-shark mother. She’s troubled to find her latest surveillance target’s girlfriend has turned up dead and even more shocking is that her former boyfriend, Detective Chance Parker, has moved to Bellingham and is now lead investigator on the case. When the client who hired her for surveillance calls her for help, then disappears herself, Eddie jumps into action to find Kendra Hallings, solve the murder and rub elbows with Detective Parker again. Can Eddie juggle her mother’s unexpected visit, an investigation and rekindling a flame she thought had been doused?

Mystery, murder and mayhem collide in this intriguing new series! An original, well written gum-shoe, readers will find an easy ebb and flow of sequences with just enough mystery to keep them guessing. From their strained past to their bumbling investigation skills, this quirky combination of a mother-daughter reunion turned crime-fighting duo will captivate readers.  Set in an area surrounding Seattle, this first-person tale gives enough history and background sprinkled throughout to keep readers engaged.  While Eddie does not have a current romance, her former love interest appears on scene and the author has staged future installments to ensure possible re-entanglement between the two, but leaves questions on their past relationship as well as her mentor’s death.  Avid Alphabet series connoisseurs should flock to this kick-off series. 

Roberta Gordon