While Pen Wilkinson awaits word if she’ll return to prosecuting, she is approached by a local businessman to put her investigative skills to use to solve a murder case. Although Pen has promised her boyfriend, James, that she would steer clear of trouble, her discoveries lead her down the very rabbit hole she had hoped to avoid. Pen finds there’s much more to the death of the handicapped homeless man. Her investigative skills set her on a path that weaves into the lives of wealthy families who wish the nosey attorney would simply go away. With one question too many, Pen not only finds herself in the crossfire, she also unravels stories of betrayal, lies, and murder. Thank goodness for trustworthy connections - or are they?

Brian Lutterman’s thriller storytelling maintains a pulse that will keep readers guessing. The flow of information is well-timed and maintains connectivity between Pen and the overall story. The ebb and flow of the present and past gives readers a deeper understanding of the story than just a simple history rundown would. Mr. Lutterman does a phenomenal job presenting Pen’s genuine character and how comfortably she is able to investigate with the use of her wheelchair. Only a few spelling errors and the feeling that there must be more to the elusive Jake Conover that didn’t seem quite wrapped up in end give this novel a fantastic four stars. “Northfall” provides classic twists within the pleasure of reading a well-written mystery, leaving readers wanting Pen to take us on another investigation in the future.

Moira Wolf