No Greater Hell (Lost and Found, Inc. #4)


Brain surgery and a long recuperation period finally separate Jake Donovan from his cruel alter-ego, Johnny Darling. After the testimony of good friends, as well as his previous kidnap victim, Holly Hoffman, he’s also free from legal repercussions. He bids farewell to his friends at Lost and Found, Inc. to help his widowed aunt run her Texas ranch. Two years later, Jake and Holly’s paths cross again - this time after a devastating tornado tears through Texas. Jake aids the local police, while Holly puts her nursing skills to good use. A chance encounter with the violent, mentally unstable Angel Garza puts Holly in the path of his equally unstable and much more violent brother, Ivan, a sadistic hit-man bent on revenge and murder. The result is an inescapable trail of terror, death, and destruction. 


Don’t even attempt to keep track of the dead bodies in this one…there are far too many. While some may not have a problem with it, this reviewer found it excessive and somewhat hard to swallow. Especially when paired with several credibility issues regarding the lack of alertness and security breaches that bordered on ridiculous for a compound of Lost and Found, Inc.’s nature. However, the delicious backstory and conflicting issues between Jake and Holly are well-plotted and even more scrumptiously embellished. It abounds with soul-crushing angst and scorching, tastefully scripted love scenes that will leave you absolutely breathless. It’s a thrilling rollercoaster ride of storytelling you won’t soon forget!

Clarice Silvers