Never with a Rich Man


Once bitten, twice shy. Cassie Jordan vowed to never be involved with a rich man ever again.  The mental anguish and heartache heaped upon her by her cheating, elitist ex-husband was an experience she prays never to revisit, but her meddling sister has other plans.  Hogan Winters has many secrets he keeps hidden.  Son of a tycoon by day and FBI agent on the side, Hogan has many reasons not to reveal himself fully to those he is close to, but his attraction to Cassie can’t be denied.  Compounded with the sudden realization that Cassie is a collateral player in his current investigation Hogan is adamant to prove her innocence, but will circumstantial evidence keep them apart?


An intriguing, original tale of recovering one's self after devastating loss, “Never with a Rich Man” is a feel-good vacation read.  Instant attraction is paired with slapstick antics that will capture readers and plunge them into Cassie and Hogan’s whirlwind romance.  The story is well paced, but readers will have questions.  While Hogan is an undercover FBI agent his role as such may leave readers speculating about the feasibility given his investigation.  Cassie’s ex-husband’s objectionable behavior will continue to leave readers wondering about his motives and the history of their divorce which led to her mistrust.  Corrections for extra adjectives, pronouns and tense issues can be corrected with copy-editing. The comedic relief achieved will remind readers of the early days of sitcoms.


Jordyn Teel