Murder with Strings Attached


Florence “Flo” Palmer is a burglar. While she is in the process of stealing a high priced violin from its owner, Aaron Levy, a famed virtuoso violinist, she gets caught by none other than Aaron himself. To Flo’s surprise, instead of turning her in, Aaron hires her to find the very violin she was looking to steal, and to top it off, Aaron knows who the culprit is. While Aaron and Flo work together to bring back Aaron’s violin, they come across a dead body, who Flo is wrongly accused of killing. As Aaron and Flo search out the real killer and follow the clues to find Aaron’s violin, their adventure takes them from Washington state to the San Francisco Bay Area where they try to clear Flo’s name, and steal back the prized violin.

Mark Reutlinger plays the reader's emotions like a fine musical conductor leading an orchestra! Readers will find themselves captivated with this humorous adventure and the building romance between Aaron and Flo. Mr. Reutlinger is expressive and vivid with details, and manages to create scenes that transport the reader completely into the story. Although the pace seems to slow in some chapters, once past the lagging moments, Mr. Reutlinger manages to craft the tale to such a crescendo that the reader will find themselves unable to quit turning the pages until the end of the book. “Murder with Strings Attached” is a mystery that will leave the reader having thoroughly enjoyed their time within the pages.

Heather Kroll