A Murder of Principle


Harding High School is in the midst of a Storme they call Wendy. Principal Wendy Storme is new to the school and making lasting impressions on all students, teachers, coaches and the community — and it’s not in a good way. Wendy is out to climb to the top of her career ladder no matter who is destroyed along the way. When push comes to shove and the English Department head Rose Lane has had enough of the fall out, she steps up and out of her comfort zone to help put her school back to the place many love to attend and work. Now, with Storme dead, the suspect list is quite lengthy and there is much speculation buzzing around.

Susan Coryell can really weave a plot about murder! This ordinary high school and its faculty all have reason to cheer about the witch being dead. The way Principal Storme wrongs so many adds to the story line and keeps readers engrossed in all the details. The sub plots and added characters are a welcome addition. Although so many suspects are possibilities, it drags the story down going over all the wrongs done without any big suspenseful points. The added bits of personal backstory and home life are very creative with true-life issues. This adds connectivity for any avid reader. “A Murder of Principle” leaves readers longing for healing after the storm and satisfaction of a community who is able to do so.

Viola Robins