Murder by Perfection (Thorny Rose Mysteries #3)


Murphy Thornton and Jessica Farady are finding that being married has more downs than ups now that the honeymoon is over. Planning a weekly date night amidst their hectic schedules was supposed to help; however, neither of them expected Natalie Stepford, the teacher of the couple’s gourmet cooking course at the Stepford Kitchen Studio they attend to turn up dead, or for Murphy to go missing while investigating the death of an old friend. Are the two incidents connected? If so, what secrets were the seemingly successful victims hiding? It’s up to the Thorny Rose detectives to find out before Murphy disappears for good.

An excellent contemporary mystery with CSI or NCIS vibes, “Murder by Perfection” is the third book in the “Thorny Rose Mysteries” series that should be read in order to avoid spoilers. While the story features multiple threads woven together to create this thrilling mystery, it does lack any major development in the romance or character development area. Still, the mystery will keep the reader guessing, the plot has moments of danger and suspense, and the conflict leads to a few twists that keep the reader from predicting the ending too soon. Rather, readers will find themselves keeping up with the cast as they investigate and search for answers. Lovers of suspenseful mysteries and tv mysteries will find this book hard to put down and should consider this tale well worth the read!

Sarah E Bradley