Murder Most Foul


When local lovebirds Shaun and Lorena go missing no one takes it too seriously.  Kids running off on their own, people think.  As the investigation gets underway, however, the picture gets murkier and disturbing details emerge.  When dismembered remains wash up on the local riverbank, the small town of of Pleasant Valley becomes a powder keg of secrets, crooked cops, lies and incest.  


F.B.I. Agent Walker Harmon is sent to town to investigate.  He soon finds that almost everyone in town had something against the young couple. Shaun’s dad didn’t approve of their relationship, and Lorena’s stepfather had an unusual relationship with his stepdaughter. Even Sheriff Brown seems to be thwarting the investigation. Could the perps be the satanic cult seen near the river bank? The list goes on but Harmon won’t rest until he finds the murderer.


Joanne Myers murder case is of two teenage lovers’ disappearance. Shaun and Lorena have conflicts with their parents and many others. Is their relationship love or merely lust and convenience? The author slowly unravels their relationship to the point that the reader isn’t quite sure what kind of love affair they have. Then the story starts to fall apart.  There are at least six major suspects, making it very hard for the reader to keep track of all of them. Myers frustrates the reader by not providing enough clues to narrow down the suspects. Although the many faceted characters are a little bizarre, they do keep the reader engrossed and eager to find out who the murderer is. 


Rose Mary Espinoza