Murder at the Met (Penelope Harris Mysteries Book 2)


When she gets the chance to have a night out at the opera with Thom Lund, Penelope Harris hopes she will enjoy a pleasant evening. Sadly, fate has a different idea. She finds herself in the middle of yet another murder mystery, which she works to solve with Thom. New York’s high society can be difficult to maneuver through at the best of times. However, Penelope finds herself embroiled in the bad side of the society scene, a situation which could very well put her life in danger.

E.W. Cooper has written a fabulous mystery that will keep readers guessing until the end! The characters are well written, and the descriptions and dialogue are spot on for the time in which the book is set. However, the book starts a little slowly, and readers may be a touch confused if they haven’t read the first book, a good incentive to go back and take a look at book one! In the present tale, a vast collection of interesting characters enliven the story and tangle the plot deliciously. For fans of a whodunnit set in historical New York, “Murder at the Met” will be right up their alley. It will also be a great addition for readers who enjoy a good, fun mystery. This is an excellent addition to the Penelope Harris Mysteries, and it will be interesting to see where the series goes from here. A superbly fun story!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick