Murder at Castle Rock

Anne Marie

Amelia has her dream job as venue manager and booking agent at Castle Rock, a large concert venue. She has just nabbed 80’s rock star Bobby Glitter and his band for two concerts on his twenty year anniversary tour, and is thrilled with her coup.  But when the band arrives Amelia is disappointed to find that Glitter in a drunken stupor, his body ravished by years of drug addiction. The night of their first concert, Castle Rock's owner falls to her death from the Rock's highest tower.  Was this an accident or did someone want him dead?


Anne Marie Stoddard describes the characters in this first rate mystery so vividly that they come alive right before the reader’s eyes.  This is especially true with the aging rock star as he stumbles around drunkenly and leers at all the women, making a fool of himself. The author does make Glitter more of a buffoon then is probably necessary for the story. Yet, when he performs, the persona of the rock star he once was comes alive. Stoddard brings the supporting cast to life, also, enabling the reader to easily sense the believability the reality of the characters lives. Then she deftly unravels the top notch murder mystery with interspersed humor and just enough hints to offer the small clues necessary to keep the reader engrossed to the very last page!


Rose Mary Espinoza