Movie Scripts & Madness: A Cozy Mystery


Kendall Whitaker is an aspiring actress who will do whatever it takes for fame – including working at a film studio as an assistant to the unhappy Mr. Poole.  After working there for a year, she is no closer to stardom. Life is boring and predictable until actor Grayson Ellis comes on the scene. Kendall is smitten with the actor and surprised when he feels the same about her. All seems good until the first body is found by none other than Kendall. She is a person of interest, yet Officer Ryan Adams assures her he will keep her safe. What’s a girl to do when two men suddenly find her attractive and she’s in the middle of a murder case?

"Movie Scripts and Madness" is a trip into the chaotic world of filmmaking.  Kendall plays a realistic lady, desperate to break into films. One can feel her angst when auditions are suspended. She is naive which gets her into trouble. There are clues a plenty, but they aren’t tied to the murderer and many clues are missing that are needed to connect the murders to the murderer, leaving the reader confused and unsatisfied. Kendall’s two roommates’ voices get jumbled, so it is difficult to know who is speaking. Many of the minor characters are poorly defined without depth, although one in particular is important to the plot. A good story overall, “Movie Scripts & Madness” keeps one guessing until the end about the murderer and has some suspenseful moments that shouldn’t be missed.

Belinda Wilson