Moordym Downs


Locke has grown up with only his mother to care for him. He lives in a small village, has a cottage on the property where is mother’s house is, and works at the local Inn. He is content with his life until the day his mother tricks him into taking her place at Moordym Downs, a castle with a foggy moor in the back of the house. Locke gives in to her request and soon finds himself embroiled in a mystery regarding the disappearance of his father in the moors years ago.

This mystery will pick you up and take you on a wild ride through castles, moors, and a family dynamic that is not for the faint of heart. The author does a great job of weaving the past with the present and distinguishing how close the two really are. The slowly developing romance between Locke and Jinslee is innocent, yet filled with a promise for much more. Because of the abundance of characters in this book, readers may need to pause in order to ascertain how any particular character is tied into the storyline. The story behind Locke’s father’s disappearance is both selfish and unbelievable. Somehow, the author makes it work without it seeming as deceitful as it really is. Ms. Bastedo is a talented writer who captures the reader’s interest and keeps it there to a satisfying promise of a happily-ever-after!

Carly Fulmer