The Mistress Murders (The Perfect Poison Murders Book 3)

HISTORICAL: Poppy Morton is a country girl raised by her aunt and uncle. Getting away from the embarrassment of confessing feelings for Constable Henry Dyngley, she heads for London. But she has other reasons - both to earn her own way as a companion and to find her mother whom she was told was dead. While in London working as a companion for Mistress Beatrice Hayes, she meets other mistresses who are targeted first by a cruel letter writer, and are then being murdered. Once constable Dyngley is put on the case, they work together again to solve the murders - including her own mother’s, whom she’d just barely met. Dyngley faces some competition for Poppy’s heart as Tom Harris, the procurer, finds her genteel and unique. Can Poppy and Dyngley find their happy ending in addition to solving the case?
Poppy Morton is a wonderfully written character, full of innocence and spunk finding her own way in a complicated and new-to-her world. Poppy must decide for herself if she can reconcile the morality of working for a mistress rather than solely relying on her upbringing as a clergyman’s niece. Changing her values in life as she learns and grows in life experience like any young woman, she is learning people are much the same even if they have different stations in life along the way. While the mystery was reasonably obvious, the depth in friendships and characters is lovely and entertaining. The third in the series, this book stands well on its own, and the reader doesn’t feel left out not having read others of the series.
Amy Rubottom