Reviews - Mystery

Who’s Roxy Watkins?

Private investigator Kate Nash sits at home never suspecting anything is wrong—until she answers the phone. It’s the chief of police wanting to know where Kate was at twelve thirty in the morning and demanding she come to the police station immediately. Kate answers honestly that she was in bed asleep. Still, she heads to the station.

Cambria Clyne desperately needs the upcoming property inspection with the trustee of the apartment complex she manages to go well. If she can impress the trustee, promotion could be within reach. And just maybe she’ll be able to sort her feelings for her dreamy but commitment phobic baby daddy and the handsome police detective who turns her to goo with a kiss.

Corrie’s father died a year ago and she is now following in his footsteps as a private investigator. When a friend's boss is murdered she tries to help, but quickly learns that her friend is implicated in the homicide. When the body disappears, they are both shocked and befuddled.  Corrie cannot let this go and is not willing to simply give up on her friend.

Matti James is sent to England with her friend and ex CIA Operative Joe Chauncey. Matti is tasked with identifying the bodies of three allied soldiers from World War Two. What she doesn’t realize initially is that there is a political reason for her being asked to England. The soldiers were left in a shallow grave, and their bodies show signs of having been shot execution style.

Sally Muccio Donovan and Josie Sullivan are close friends who run a cookie shop together--Sally’s Samples.  The shop is experiencing a seasonal sales slowdown, when Donna Dooley, a popular talk show host on the Food Network, visits.  She is interviewing past winners of Cookie Crusades, wondering if they would like to be featured on her show, Someone’s in the Kitchen with Donna.