Missing... Again! (A Millicent Winthrop Novel Book 5)


Millicent Winthrop, her husband Alfredo Martolini, and their two Boston Terrier detectives, Holmes and Watson, are hot on the trail of another mystery! Mr. Smythe, their boss, and a retired Scotland Yard detective, has enlisted the help of Millicent and her crew to find Brian, a goalie who has disappeared in Germany. As Millicent, Alfredo, and their two dogs sniff out where Brian is and who had a hand in his disappearance, Millicent gets herself into a pickle. Can Alfredo and the pups save Millicent in time? 

Cunigunda Valentine has created a story that will keep the reader's attention from the very beginning! She has a gift of weaving words together to create sentences that catch the reader's eye and bring about plenty of laughter. Readers will find this story charming, humorous, and lighthearted. The way Ms. Valentine works the Boston Terriers into scenes as they help Millicent solve crimes is incredibly enjoyable, and often humorous. Though this book can be read as a standalone, certain readers may find this book confusing as parts of the storyline and background come from previous books in the series. Though Ms. Valentine explains these parts, readers may still find it distracting. It will likely cause readers to want to pick up past books to understand the whole storyline that is interlaced through this book. The story begins a little slow, yet the pacing picks up, running to make a winning goal and leaving the readers craving to know more about Millicent, Alfredo, their fellow furry companions and the next crime they solve!

Heather Kroll