Miller's View: The Case of the Blue Diamonds

Marlene W.

This story is a continuation of "Miller's View", a previous work by the author. It begins with a long prologue, intended to review the events of the first book. The story then starts back at the crime scene from the first story, and then moves into a deeper conspiracy that hits close to home. Johnathan asks the woman he is dating to marry him, and her close proximity puts her in immediate danger. It tests the bounds of their relationship. Will Jonathan Miller be able to marry the love of his life, keep her safe, and solve the mystery? 


With a good editor this story has potential. It is not made known to the reader that this is a continued story. The author assumes that one has read the previous book. If one does know about the previous story, it would be an almost seamless transition into the new case. If one does not, there are parts of the plot that are missing and the genre is confusing, as the author seems to straddle the lines between suspense and paranormal. In the end the paranormal aspect is not completed. The story on the whole was confusing and frustrating. The one thing the book had going for it was strong character development. 

Jessica Samuelsen