Miller’s View: The Dead and Breakfast


PARANORMAL: Mildred Carrington lost both her parents, and her husband, Edward Carrington and never having any children, she is completely alone. She opens The Carrington House as a quaint bed and breakfast, and after a few years, passes away in her sleep. Awaking back in Carrington House, she is visited by Chemin Sombre, a dark arts teacher, and learns the art of mind manipulation. Her advertisements state time will feel like it is standing still. Strange happenings at the house, including memory altering and missing time, get the police involved, mainly Detectives Jonathan Miller, Branson, Boyd, and Pasteur. Jonathan Miller has his own teacher who was trained by Sombre, Daeva Keket, who has imparted him with rose tinted glasses that help him see the truth. Will the bed and breakfast be forced to close, or can they arrive at a solution to keep it open that works for everyone?

The story is a twisted but enthralling tale. There is wonderful descriptions and imaginative character development of the main characters. As part of a series, it would be best to read in order as some of the details are unclear in reading just this one, but in reading on many initial questions are solved later in the pages. Mainly revolving around missing people cases, memory loss, and missing time with a hint of paranormal activity, it’s fascinating to read what happens next and how the bed and breakfast came to be, as well as the descriptions of the mysterious village and the inhabitants who show up only when needed. An interesting tale from beginning to end!

Amy Rubottom