Miller’s View


John Miller is a detective in the town of Hammond, Louisiana. Hammond is a small town, so when a body is discovered, it’s definitely unusual.  So is the fact that the citizens seem to be blocking him from conducting his investigation. Were it not for a special pair of pink glasses he found in the victim’s room, he wouldn’t be getting far.


You see, the glasses show him scenes that are connected to his case. Useful, right? Now if only he could get to the bottom of the mystery before somebody else is killed.


“Miller’s View” is a unique and intriguing mystery, where everyday items have special abilities.  However, the mystery itself doesn’t really work all that well, with the reader being aware of the undercurrents a bit too much, while watching the detective stumble about. Also, the glasses themselves always show John what he needs to continue the case, which gets repetitive. However, the resolution of the plot does make up for it somewhat, even though the ending strongly suggests that “Miller’s View” is only a first book in a series about Detective John Miller.  “Miller’s View” will leave the reader excited to read more cases handled by Detective Miller.


Ana Smith