Miami Days, Havana Nights

Linda Bennett

HISTORICAL/DUAL TIMELINE:  The year is 1926 and seventeen-old Sam Ackerman discovers that working for the mob is the first step on a slippery slope. After witnessing a murder, he is shipped off to Miami, cut off from family and left with only a debt to pay. He meets the Scheinberg family and their daughter Rebecca, but as long as he is connected, Rebecca will never marry him and her family will never accept him. However, it isn't easy to leave the mob and some debts can never be repaid. Fast forward to 2019, and history professor Liz Reams is researching information on a new course. She wants to use an ordinary man caught in extraordinary circumstances to talk about the mob's history on Florida's Gold Coast. She finds a photo, depicting Cuban General Batista. Trying to discover the identity of an unknown man in that photo will lead Liz to Cuba and force her to face the personal demons that have kept her from committing to the man she loves.

"Miami Days, and Havana Nights" is a fascinating mix of historical and contemporary drama. For most of the story, the author alternates chapters between Sam's story and Liz's search. As each chapter ends on a hook, the reader can't help but move forward until they can pick up the thread again. The look into the Jewish mob and its connections to organized crime are details that American history buffs will enjoy. Sam's story spans to the fall of Havana and Liz's research weaves in the memories of those who escaped when Castro took power. Fans of stories like "Casablanca" will love "Miami Days, and Havana Nights!"

Tricia Hill