The Memories of Misty


Everything about Joan’s life is organized and put-together, from her relationship to her home to her job.  No surprises or mysteries surround her, until one day everything starts to change: her behavior, her taste in coffee and clothing, even the way she executes her job.  Then Joan starts having flashes of a life she does not remember, and the name Misty keeps surfacing everywhere she goes.  Barely holding on to reality, Joan reaches out online for anyone to help her solve the puzzle, only to be met with even more questions.  Who is Misty, why is Joan suddenly thinking about her, and how far will she go to get answers?

Ms. Keldan introduces the reader to a gripping mystery in “The Memories of Misty” and will have readers guessing until the final climax.  From the first chapter, small tidbits and clues are dropped, piquing the reader’s interest right away.  The main plot line centered on Joan would have been enough to drive the story, but the multiple side plots take away from the main mystery.  As a result, the pacing of the book drags throughout, pulling the reader out of the otherwise compelling tale.  The final reveal although worth sticking around for will unfortunately not be the final note of the story.  The necessity of filling in the secondary plot lines will leave readers on low note.  In the end, however, Ms. Keldan’s writing and character development will bring any reader back for more.

Amy Cefoldo