Maverick Touch: The Highway


All Nadia and Anabella Maverick were looking for in Texas was a relaxing vacation. What they got was a serial killer, chaos and romance. The one partially responsible for all three is Carlisle, Mr. A. Carlisle is Nadias friend, and theyve been dancing around becoming more than that for a year. He is also an assassin, entrusted with bringing justice when the courts fail. He and his brother-in-arms, Carter, will do all that is necessary to keep the Mavericks safe, especially after they both become romantically entangled with them.


Banter appears to be Ms. Nemers strong point and it is bountiful and lush in this novel! Interactions between Nadia and Carlisle, Anabella and Carter positively radiate sparks and possibilities. However, the minutiae and details of the vacation and conversation overwhelm the overall plot, and slow down the pace considerably. Also, this is a sequel, and it shows.


Carlisle, his profession being what it is, is a very distinctive character. Hes written as a fairly relaxed, balanced, yet dangerous man. The contrasts are fascinating and a deeper analysis of his personality and motives wouldve been welcome. This man kills for a living! How does that affect him? How could it not? Also, the reactions of those around him hold so much potential for conflict, debate, crystallization of the characterspersonalities, that the calm acceptance a reader sees feels flat.  Such potential, a missed opportunity for the author.  The acceptance is just too far off our culture and reality for one to be completely comfortable. Even with all that "The Highway" could have been, what remains contains such an inventive plot and potential for fun and depth that it still succeeds in being an enjoyable read by Ms.Nemer!


Mimi Smith