Maverick Touch The Adventure


Sisters Nadia and Anabella are on an adventure in Africa with the loves of their lives, Carlisle and Carter. What begins as a quest to see a lion up close and personal turns into a race to save themselves, when an earthquake levels the hotel where they are staying. This adventure becomes a successful venture when Nadia and her husband Carlisle learn more about each other, and Carter has to convince Anabella to marry him. Hang onto your hats, because nothing is ever as simple as it seems when the Mavericks get together!


This contemporary romance, which begins as an adventure in Africa and the backdrop for a news article for one of the protagonists, quickly turns into a disaster. With a host of characters this story gets off to a slow start and is very confusing, causing the reader to lose focus. Since this novel is not listed as part of a series, the reader gets befuddled due to the mention of the many secondary characters that apparently were introduced in previous books. In addition, given the lack of plot line and the shifting POVs, it reads more like a relating of incidences in the lives of the Mavericks rather than a story with substance. It also falls short with its listing as a cozy mystery when there is no mystery or suspense introduced. Sadly, the book doesnt deliver the story line of an adventure in Africa, which has the potential to be so much more with some fleshing out of the plot. 


Janna Shay