Malice in Miami: A Jamie Quinn Mystery


Jamie Quinn is a lawyer with a lot on her plate. Her desire to leave the law world and jump into managing an art foundation is intercepted by numerous other adventures, including those of her boyfriend Kip. She has high hopes of no longer accepting cases until an attorney friend asks for a favor. This favor turns into much more, not only wreaking havoc in Jamie’s new work life, but it also tangles its way into her personal life, too. Jamie and Kip find themselves targets for poking around places that make those in power a bit nervous. Meanwhile, Jamie continues to focus on her new employer’s research, only to find that his wishes could mean life or death.

“Malice in Miami” sends readers on a tour of Miami with a look into seedy people of power. Readers will enjoy Jamie’s intelligence, humor, and will find her extremely likeable. However, the mysterious storyline turns into a slow drip that needs to percolate sooner to keep readers interested. Is it Jamie’s new job or that she will discover more about a paternity test? Elaboration about snakes and the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, while fascinating, at times loses the pace of suspense. Overuse of the dash and a few editing errors may also distract readers. Jamie’s new job provides the best adventures of the story, leaving the paternity test as a distraction. Jamie is a fun character whose sleuthing into new and old Miami turns into a game of cat and mouse.

Moira Wolf