Makerʼs Mark

Helen Macie

Jo Allison is a struggling artist, down on her luck but determined to make a name for herself. Living in a rundown apartment and giving up a lukewarm relationship with her unsympathetic long-time boyfriend are choices Jo must make in order to achieve her goals.  One day, while struggling to capture that elusive “something” that will set her apart, Jo finds an old goblet that soon takes center stage in her still life paintings. Little does Jo know, however, that the goblet will soon turn her world upside down. As people take note, strangely unsavory buyers show up determined to possess the focus of her paintings. How far will Jo go to uncover the mystery of the goblet? She slowly discovers the answer may just cost her her life!

This story begins with a very promising mysterious basis;  an ancient set of goblets holding mystical powers turning up in modern day society. It is intriguing and readily pulls the reader along in the quest for answers!  And, if one doesn't mind overlooking a few noticeable glitches, it is a very fine mystery. The most notable drawback is that the overall writing structure is very elementary. Many sentences such as “The phone rang. She listened, unable to move. The sound was threatening.”  simply states the events and feelings. The reader is never really allowed to get emotionally involved. If more attention were paid to painting the pictures for the reader, and drawing them into the actual emotions, this story would be a definite winner!


Ruth Lynn Ritter