Mainely Money – A Goff Langdon Mainely Mystery, Book 3


Private detective Goff Langdon owns a bookstore that specializes in mystery books with his second wife Chabal and his friend Starling. Within the span of a few days he's hired to locate the blackmailer of a U.S. Senator, find a gorgeous woman’s missing sister, and find evidence proving the innocence of an African immigrant accused of rape and murder. It doesn’t take long before Goff realizes his three cases are tied together. So when his daughter is taken to discourage him from further investigation, Goff and his ensemble of family and friends must use their particular set of skills to hunt down those responsible for her abduction and put a stop to their diabolical plan of greed and power.

"Mainely Money" is a magnificent mystery masterpiece made to mesmerize and mystify! Well-drawn characters quickly become old friends as they float off the page into readers’ hearts and minds. A robustly built world set in a seaside town in Maine with locales and citizens readers will find familiar. Readers may be distracted by a few misspelled and duplicated words or how Goff seems surprised when friends and fellow townspeople help him with the investigation; however this won’t impede ripping through the twists and turns of a complex plot set in motion by a treacherous cabal to gain riches and power. The characters’ sexual activities are mainly left to the reader’s imagination with descriptive hints and innuendo. Mr. Cost masterfully mints a suspenseful story of everyday people who find themselves embroiled in a malevolent plot involving mayhem, murder, and money. Readers will greedily turn the pages as they try to keep up!

Tonya Mathenia