Mainely Angst - A Goff Langdon Mainely Mystery, Book 4


With pandemic restrictions affecting his livelihood, Langdon’s anxiety is rising. Due to lockdown, he’s able to check off items on his honey-do list and his marriage is strengthening. He feels lucky when he’s hired for three separate investigations! With the help of his friends, he is tasked with proving sexual harassment against a philandering pub owner and finding a “stolen” mail-order bride for an abrasive lobster seaman. His most urgent case is assisting police to locate a missing boy abducted and ransomed not for money, but for the government to remove Covid mandates or suffer the public execution of the youngster. Once again Langdon’s investigative skills are tested in a race against time and imminent danger!

A multi-layered mystery sizzling with infidelity, abduction, and danger, "Mainely Angst" is a smorgasbord of anxieties caused by the pandemic, political unrest, betrayal, and loss. Fans of the series will welcome the return of Langdon and friends mysterious investigations, while new fans will be introduced to a series worthy of backtracking to the first installment. This installment is fairly political, the author’s strong disdain for anti-mask Covid hoax believers ascribed to the fictional characters may discourage some readers’ enjoyment and completion of the book. The tour of Brunswick, Maine, is fantastically familiar. Goff’s and Chabal’s feelings for each other are couple goals. Their friends are loyal and humorous characters readers would want to have in good or bad times. Who did what and why is a delectable twist mystery buffs will enjoy. Matt Cost ratchets up the drama and danger with a unique perspective on how a pandemic, entitlement, grief, and political unrest can bring out the worst in anyone.

Tonya Mathenia