The Magic of a Billionaire (The Tycoons Book 9)

Marie Higgins,
Stacey Haynes

Aaron Powers is the heir to his family's billions. During his magic act, things go horribly wrong, and now he is out for revenge — and most of all, answers. A little thing like death won’t stand in his way. Elizabeth Martin is a paralegal and Aaron’s grandfather has requested her law firm to help settle the issues with Aaron’s property so it can be sold. The major issue? Aaron’s ghost seems to be haunting the estate. Elizabeth is soon investigating whether Aaron’s accident was indeed an accident, or a cleverly disguised murder. Elizabeth and Aaron come together to uncover the truth, wondering whom they can trust and hoping to bring a murderer to justice.

This book will have readers wishing for a magician's trick to be able to read this straight through without any distractions. Do ghosts exist and is it possible to fall in love with one? Download this book and find out! This storyline is so creative and has the perfect blend of mystery, paranormal and romance. Readers of any of these genres will not be disappointed with this choice. Another fun addition to this story is the description of the estate and the secret passageways, a true murder-mystery fan's guilty pleasure. Although this is part of a series, it is also a great standalone. Beware, it may send readers on the hunt for the remaining titles in the series!

Alison Ellis