Loving Lucy: A Murder on Skis Mystery

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A U.S Senator is the prime suspect in the murder of his wife, but he is nowhere to be found. His adopted daughter, Lucy, starts a new life with the senator’s sister, but she never forgets her father. On the other hand, cemetery thefts are on the rise as more valuables keep disappearing from gravesites. Television journalist, JC, takes on the two cases as he digs deep to solve the puzzle of the missing senator and the cemetery thefts. JC’s job is not an easy one as all the suspects are very canny and seem to make all the smart moves. The journalist also loves adventure, particularly skiing, which could be a major gateway to solving the mysteries.

The interesting combination of characters—police, journalists, crime suspects, and innocent family members—gives this story a unique feel. Readers get to see the different characters interact in various capacities, which keeps readers actively tracking the movements of each one of them. Unfortunately, tracking the characters gets a bit cumbersome as the reader tries to figure out ‘what’s-going-on-here’ on different occasions. The story could have been split into two separate books since each trail is sufficient for a thoroughly engaging book. An occasional sneak peek into the stray senator’s mind would have added a very fine piece to the flow of the storyline. Another aspect that could have added to the story would be doing more of ‘showing’ than ‘telling’, thus taking the reader to the point of action more often. Readers who love a complex adventurous investigative story will find this one quite engaging.

JM Lareen