Lovely Digits


HISTORICAL:  Spinster Lucy Wycliffe had her career handed down to her due to her parents’ untimely deaths when she was a child. As the ‘layer out’ of the deceased in Clun, England in 1849, Lucy often finds herself at the center of the town gossip mill for having such an unorthodox career. However, Lucy takes pride in her work and will do anything she can to keep her parents’ cottage from her money-hungry landlord while supporting herself and her recently widowed sister and niece. After two of Lucy’s friends meet untimely ends, newly sworn in Constable John Brodie enlists Lucy’s help in solving the crimes. As John investigates with Lucy by his side, he wonders if he can keep his past safely hidden or if it too will be uncovered. As the mystery unravels, Lucy and John must both make decisions they never thought they would be forced to make.

Jeanine Englert’s novel is a historical fiction lover’s dream. Readers will love the vivid details with which Ms. Englert describes Victorian England in the cruel winter months, and hold their collective breath as the the mystery unravels, all the while hoping for a love connection between John and Lucy. The story is all wrapped up in a beautifully written novel that flows so seamlessly it is almost impossible to put down. Readers of this genre will definitely want to add Ms. Englert to their favorites list, and newbies of historical fiction will surely get hooked after reading this debut novel. 

Alison Ellis