Loved by Darkness: U.S. Marshalls C.U.F.F. Team


U.S. Marshal Jolene Martinez finds herself on a party boat for a potential matchmaking vacation with her best friend. She has no time for dating, due to her busy career and her last heartbreak. Norris Stiles is the new Chief of Police and, since his last heartbreak, he has no interest in pursuing romantic interests. Yet, when Jolene spots a small child drifting on the ocean, she doesn’t hesitate to jump in to save her, and the sexy Norris Stiles is right behind her. As Norris and Jolene unite to search for the girl’s parents, the chemistry between the two detectives ignites in flames—flames neither can pursue because of their working relationship. A sinister plot unfolds as they search for clues to determine how the child ended up abandoned and adrift at sea.

Caution! This suspenseful, romantic story is captivating from the start, so readers need to ensure they set aside some time to read “Loved by Darkness” from beginning to end. A thriller sure to set hearts racing as the extraordinarily developed characters set out on a journey of intrigue, mystery, and a sizzling hot romance! Autumn Jordon is a writer to follow because she knows exactly how to delve into the minds of the sinister, with an insidious plot guaranteed to create a stunned ‘wow’ factor. There are a few minor grammar and punctuation errors but nothing so big as to be distracting from the excitement of the story. “Loved by Darkness” is a story not easily forgotten and most definitely deserves an award in excellence! 

Tiffany Landers