For Love of Sarah

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It is June, 1815, and Sarah is stunned to see her husband Alexander lying in the road. He has been struck by a large beer cask that had fallen off a wagon and he cannot move his legs. He needs immediate attention so she moves him to her home nearby. She had left him abruptly 5 years before and has done everything to keep him from finding her. Her shame was so great that she didn’t want him to endure it also. Besides, now she has a son, Zander to protect.
Alexander can’t believe he still feels so strongly drawn to Sarah. She left him when he thought they had a glorious life together. He still doesn’t understand why she left their lovely country estate, Radland, to live in this little rundown home. Now he has to stay in her home to recover from his injuries. Alexander loves when her son, Zander, comes to his room and sits on his bed. Where is the boy’s father? Why isn’t he here providing for his family?
Statham uses words so magnificently that the reader is gifted with a beautiful picture, not only of the country side, but the characters that inhabit it. The author even describes some  tortuous archaic medical procedures so well that the reader is newly grateful for modern science! The idea that Alexander would have an accident right in front of his estranged wife’s front door is a little hard to believe, but Hazel Statham weaves such a beautiful love story, so intriguing and pure that it hardly matters!

Rose Mary Espinoza