For Love or Money


Whodunnit? Not sure, but Holly ends up on a nasty date shooting ducks with Alex, and a becomes a prime suspect in her friends’ murder when they come across Marcy’s body. In walks Holly’s old flame, J.C., who is spearheading the investigation and stirring up old feelings. While juggling her mother’s accounting business, one she’d prefer to escape, and the attention of two men, Holly tries to clear her name by finding the real murderer. 


“For Love or Money” is a second-chance love story with mystery and suspense hovering in the shadows. The tale is written from Holly’s point of view. We’re given insight into J.C., but the sparse details create a disconnect that doesn’t allow the reader to truly know the hero. He’s hot. He’s rugged, and by his actions we see he wants to rekindle the flame with Holly. Ms. Perkins pens the heroine’s evolution with deliberate strokes. She’s likable and keeps a reader’s interest. Frank, a secondary character, carries a weighty roll, but he’s left as a loose end. Dialogue between Holly and the other characters divulges clues and emotions as the mystery unravels with easy to follow details that lead the reader to the true murderer. Overall this is an entertaining formula suspense that mends past hurts and reveals a gripping end for mystery enthusiasts. 


Natasza Waters