Lights Out Summer (Coleridge Taylor Mystery #4)


Son of Sam strikes again! All the media is carrying the story, except for Coleridge Taylor, a writer for the secondary wire service City News. Instead, Taylor is working the murder of Martha Gibson, domestic for a wealthy family, shot down in cold blood. He suspects there is much more to the story than what is on the surface; his investigation encounters a drug ring, embezzlement, and more murder.  

Rich Zahradnik’s gritty writing allows the reader to feel he is with Taylor going into rough territory in New York, digging to get his story. Taylor feels more like a hard-boiled P.I. than a reporter. The book starts out slow, but once Taylor is following the Gibson case, it picks up momentum and becomes a real page-turner. An intricate piece, "Lights Out Summer" is a mystery with multiple layers to be peeled back before the killer is revealed. Most of the characters have a lot of depth, with the exception of the characters at Taylor’s news desk. Be ready to sit on the edge of the seat as the mystery unravels! For fans of Coleridge Taylor, “Lights Out Summer” is the latest in his series of books, and a  must-read.

Belinda Wilson