Knitted and Knifed (A Knitty Kitties Mystery)


The Crafting for Calmness class receives a new member when its founder, Nana Dee Dee, passes away. Tessa Wakefield, her granddaughter, moves in with her widowed grandfather, Harry, to help ease the burden off his shoulders as he tries to cope with life without his beloved wife. As Harry’s new assistant, Tessa finds herself dealing with bundles of yarn, a couple of witty cats, and a blend of cool and nosy class members. As if that is not enough, one day when she is visiting her brother, Sean, at the shop where he works, she bumps into the cold body of Sean’s employer on the floor. Sean becomes a suspect in the murder, and she has to do something to help clear her brother’s name.

Nothing can take the place of a super talented hardworking woman with tones of intuition. The lead character, Tessa, plays her role like a goddess on a mission to salvage the last piece of evidence to acquit her beloved brother. The other characters play their roles well, exhibiting the author’s ability to mesh different traits into a cozy fabric that warms up the reader’s mind throughout the book. While the characters seem to fit well in the storyline, the reader may not like the idea of everyone in a little town being treated as a suspect. The ending, however, indemnifies the little downside of the storyline making it a worthy read. The sharp-witted cats add a lovely thread to the book. Lovers of murder mysteries will find “Knitted and Knifed” worth every penny.  

JM Lareen