It Started With a House


It all started the day Lizzie decided she needed to buy that run-down mess of a house that she just couldn’t see torn down.  Once the papers were signed and Lizzie sees just what a job she impetuously took on, she’s not so sure.  Then the handyman shows up and life suddenly doesn’t seem quite so dark.  Hunky hot with a smile that melts, Riley is the man for any job.... literally!  Too bad Lizzie already has a boyfriend.  


When Riley inadvertently uncovers a beautiful diamond ring along with a packet of love letters while renovating the attic, the mystery begins!  But, as the two work to uncover the owner and the story behind the hidden love, someone is determined to stop them - at any cost.  


Part comedy, part mystery, a little suspense and a lot of romance makes up this light-hearted romp.  The characters are engaging and fun to follow, the writing is smooth and enjoyable.  It does get a bit wordy with unnecessary tidbits and one must know British lingo to understand many references.  Lizzie’s decision don’t always make sense, either.  There are times when there is no communication even when common sense screams there should be.  These are minor irritations, however, considering the main complaint - the ending.  It leaves the reader completely baffled!  After falling in love with this delightful couple, one is desperately turning pages for their happy ending, only to be left with no explanations, no declarations, no understanding!  What??  How can such fun leave us feeling so cheated?


Ruth Lynn Ritter