Reviews - Mystery

After the tragic loss of his wife and son to a drunk driver, detective Winston Radhauser has rebuilt his life as a policeman, rancher, father to a little girl, and husband to a pregnant wife. This fragile new happiness is threatened when his wife is diagnosed with breast cancer, an old case comes back to haunt him—and a new murder case strikes a little too close to home.

Isabella's Painting 

Karina gets into her old faithful black dress and prepares for a night of holiday schmoozing with her boyfriend's parents. She would rather be in comfy clothes binge-watching tv, but girlfriend duty calls. Nobody is more surprised than she is when she stumbles across an illegal art deal involving her boyfriend's father.

An Initial Countdown
Kevin E

DARK COMEDY:  One dark and stormy night, Dr. Haszard and his girlfriend, Sabrina, witness a man being run off the road and killed. When a vicar is later murdered in a most imaginative manner Haszard can’t help but investigate, despite the advice of the police, his friends, and his girlfriend. After all, with a name like his, can trouble be far behind?

Eddie Shoes is excited to spend a few days with her mother at a resort outside Leavenworth, Washington. A relaxing weekend is just what this PI needs and if Chava wants to foot the bill and celebrate her new job at the same time, Eddie is not about to object. Eddie's relaxing weekend goes up in smoke when she goes for a hike and stumbles across an injured man as a forest fire breaks out.

Retired FBI Agent Chris Matheson has never forgotten the case that changed everything. Sandy Lipton and her unborn child disappeared, and the suspicion that was placed on Chris never went away. It has made things difficult for him and his three children. When he gets together with a group of law enforcement specialists, he decides to go back to the case and work on it.