Reviews - Mystery

Shipwreck Island
James B

ADVENTURE:  Professional maritime salvager Roy Berenger has seen more than his share of shipwrecks and adventure, yet when the beautiful, determined Natalie Claiborne shows him a journal written by a survivor of a lost merchant ship, he can’t help but be intrigued. The General Grant was wrecked off the treacherous shores of the remote Auckland Islands and its cargo of gold lost.

An Unwilling Suspect
Jo A.

After the death of his fiancé, McLaren decides to get away and spend some time at an old farmhouse by himself. While there, however, he meets a woman named Helen. Soon his quiet vacation turns upside down when Helen is found dead outside the farmhouse. Now McLaren is the police’s number one suspect and with one officer determined to pin the case on him McLaren must prove his innocence.

Red Tea

Jordan Howard is the new assistant English language instructor at the Ogawa High School in Japan. Shortly before her arrival, a student, Yuki, committed suicide, clouding Jordan’s first day of school.  Another student, Akira, confides in Jordan’s fellow teacher, Tatsuyasensei, Yuki was not a suicide. Several people believe this, especially after a second student, Emi Hirata, commits suicide.

A Murder of Principle

Harding High School is in the midst of a Storme they call Wendy. Principal Wendy Storme is new to the school and making lasting impressions on all students, teachers, coaches and the community — and it’s not in a good way. Wendy is out to climb to the top of her career ladder no matter who is destroyed along the way.

It is fire season in the Montana Mountains and as a newcomer, Vangie is feeling the tension in the air. For all her concerns, she never expected the danger to come from a murder connected to her bakery. While Vangie knows she didn’t do it, someone seems determined to make her pay for the death anyway.