The Identity Thief (A Hollis Morgan Mystery – Book 6)

R. Franklin

Hollis Morgan, probate lawyer and human lie detector, is about to make a leap from probate law to criminal law.  Her first client is Justin Eastland, an alleged identity thief, now being accused of murder. Meanwhile, Hollis also takes on a probate case, one that is a little more complicated than usual, as it involves a client in the witness protection program, trying to work out the details of her will without blowing her cover. On a more personal note, Hollis slowly accepts that her fiancé, John, must return to field work, and she finally returns to the Fallen Angels Book Club after a lengthy absence.

 “The Identity Thief” is an absorbing mystery with brisk pacing and sharp dialogue. Readers will appreciate the original plot, which is clever, packed with intrigue, and one or two intense life or death scenarios. The probate case is as interesting as the criminal case, with all the threads coming together nicely.  However, the criminal case left a few minor strings dangling, omitting some finer details some readers may wonder about, especially seasoned mystery lovers who may have a more critical outlook. Other than that, the writing is fluid, the story flows smoothly, and includes strong character development. Hollis is a very likeable character readers will want to touch base with her again. While this novel works just fine as a stand -alone, those who are following the series will find Hollis’ latest adventure very satisfying! 

Julie Whiteley