A House of Her Own


When Claire Marshall stumbles across an old house in a nice neighborhood for dirt cheap, she is positive she’s lucked out. Sure, the rumors of a ghost may be making her partner, nervous but surely it’s just local kids causing a ruckus.  Besides, the neighbors are delighted that someone is fixing the old place up. But when a young girl is discovered hiding from the local gang inside the house and declares that the ghost is protecting her, Claire learns that ghost or not, the only one with answers is an elderly neighbor and a middle-aged woman whose mind is crippled by a lobotomy. 


Between ghosts and worries about her boyfriend Tony who is back on the racing circuit, Claire has her hands full, especially when the gang keeps coming around proving trouble comes in threes.


The third of the “Claire Marshall Mysteries” series, Claire faces a new challenge as a ghost and drama with her boyfriend are thrown into the mix. The cast of characters this time around fills out the story, and brings elements of creepiness and dramatic flair. The mystery itself is told through a mix of flashbacks and present events, which leaves the reader slightly unsure if the ghost is real or not, while still building the tale behind the original death. Since the story is told from multiple perspectives the flow can be somewhat jarring; however the pace is steady and with emotion rolling off the page left and right mystery fans will want to read this one!


Sarah E. Bradley