A Hotel in Venice


After many ups and downs, Minola Grey and her beloved fiancé, Peter, are finally getting married and in the most romantic city in the world - Venice, Italy!  While on an evening gondola ride, however, Minola notices what looks to be an intriguing glass sculpture and instructs the gondolier closer so she can take a look.  Upon closer inspection, however, they discover the glass houses a dead body!   Suddenly the lovers are thrown into the dangerous game of old family rivals, assassins and money - a game which only intensifies when Minola is asked by an old friend to help find a missing glassblower.  With coincidences ratcheting up by the minute, it’s a race against time - and their lives!


What a fun mystery wrapped up in a blown-glass bow!  Throughout, the author paints a love story of Venice with as much beauty as she does the love of the main characters.  The descriptions set the reader right in the middle of this ancient water city and allow them to participate in each and every experience.  Although this book is definitely a stand alone, much of what makes up the story is wrapped in characters and references to events in past books. Because of this, a first time reader will often find themselves bored because they have no reference to relate to.  The over-the-top, repeated declarations of love every few paragraphs were a bit much, also - even for soon-to-be newlyweds.  Still, for those who love a great mystery set in an enchanting venue, this one won’t disappoint!


Ruth Lynn Ritter