The Horse Hide


Alie McCull has a nose for trouble. When a trip to the racetrack with her husband coincides with murder and food poisoning, Alie knows there is more going on than a couple of accidents. As the reporter uncovers more details she discovers a web of lies and more mysteries. Alie becomes even more determined to find out what happened to some missing horses, and regardless of threats on all sides - and the chance that an old flame might be trying to steal her husband - Alie refuses to give up investigating the mystery.


An old-fashioned mystery set in the late 1950s, Alie is a female investigative reporter in a man’s world. When an old friend is killed at the racetrack Alie knows something is suspicious about his death and the missing horse. She is smart, a bit sarcastic, and fearless. The mystery itself is well written and will keep the reader guessing, in part because the characters see things that aren’t laid out for the reader and mostly because three separate incidents are woven together in a way that the reader won’t see coming. Although the relationship drama is there it’s more of a minimal side story to the mystery itself. Mystery fans should add “The Horse’s Hide” to their to-read lists!


Sarah E. Bradley