Homicide in the House (Washington Whodunit #2)

Colleen J.

After the trouble with her previous boss Kit Marshall is grateful to have landed a job working for freshman congresswoman Maeve Dixon. Now her focus is on figuring out how to put Maeve in the spotlight as a government shutdown occurs, discovering what has her boyfriend Doug distracted, and helping her dog win the Capital Canine contest - until Maeve is found standing over the dead body of Jack Drysdale, the Speaker of the House’s top staffer. With only a short window before Maeve’s name is splashed on the front pages or on the Hill Rat blog and her career is ended, Kit is determined to prove that her boss is innocent. With one investigation under her belt and a few friends willing to help, Kit will have to think and work quickly as the shutdown continues and time and clues run out.


Book two of the “Washington Whodunit” series, “Homicide in the House” is a chick-lit mystery combining the ups and downs of a long-term relationship with the mystery of who killed the Speaker’s aide. Ms. Shogan has created a well-written mystery, with some political info mixed in to build the setting without bogging down the story. There is an excellent cast, some humor, some drama, and an edge of danger. Lacking only a more detailed description of Kit herself and some steam in the romance department, this is an excellent read for any mystery or chick-lit fan.


Sarah E. Bradley