Hollywood Hearsay 1: The Missing Baby Star


HISTORICAL:  America in 1933 is no place for a reporter who writes the hard truth. This is exactly how Caro James ends up in Hollywood for a week — sent to write a fluff piece after she exposes a politician’s affair back in New York. Despite her negative expectations, movie director Sugar McLaughlin introduces Caro to a world she never expected, and with her new discoveries comes the mystery of a missing young starlet and a murder. With the increasingly intriguing and mysterious Sugar at her side, Caro is determined to find the missing actress and uncover the truth. When their leads send them to an illegal speakeasy and involve them with the mob, Caro might be in over her head.

An excellent mystery with a fabulous setting, “The Missing Baby Star” is a wild ride from beginning to end! Showcasing the early days of the movie industry in Los Angeles, during the Great Depression, the plot flow and pace are smooth, and Caro and Sugar are a match made for movies. Sugar is full of surprises and keeps Caro and the reader on their toes. While the mystery itself isn’t complicated and the romance is still in the beginning "possibilities" stage, the setting, a few surprising twists and the characters will easily bring the reader back for seconds!

Sarah E Bradley