The Hidden Auditorium


Antique dealer and sometimes fence Nic Manton didn’t expect the 19th century pendant he acquired to be more than another item to sell. The owner and a multitude of others who show an interest, however, send Nic and two companions on a hunt to uncover the secrets behind a famous composer’s life and works, and possibly a hidden treasure. 

From Venice to Malta to Austria and Germany, the closer Nic gets, the deeper the mystery, combining romance, historical intrigue, and a strong treasure hunt, in a journey that fans of traditional mysteries will love.


A cross between Agatha Christie and Dan Brown, “The Hidden Auditorium” is a long and complicated mystery that successfully avoids the obvious, then delivers a surprising conclusion. Nic Manton is a confused character - he is torn between a desire to turn over a new leaf, and his gut instinct to make money regardless of legality or legitimacy. The addition of an entertaining Welsh professor and an attractive widow with the right experience sends all three on a treasure hunt to find the other two pendants and a human skull. Although the first half of the book is confusing and slow, by the second half, the trio is on the move, collecting clues. The romance between Nic and the widow also begins to develop and progress. Readers will most enjoy the flashbacks leading from Wagner to the present which provide the most fluid if mysterious portions of the novel.  A worthwhile mystery overall!

Sarah E Bradley