Heros and Lovers


Sam Jenkins, a retired New York City detective, is now the elected sheriff of Prospect PD deep in the Great Smoky Mountains foothills of Tennessee. He is a handsome man of sixty years plus, with a winning personality - until he needs to be the tough cop - then he turns into an insanely focused cop getting to the truth of an investigation. In this case, uncovering the kidnapping of his friend, a local TV anchorwoman, and the assault of her cameraman. His story is much more than a minor frolic in police work, it is an adventure that includes the realities of day-to-day boredom woven neatly  with a gentlemen's finesse.
Heros and Lovers is not a murder mystery, nor is it a cozy mystery. That said, the writing is reminiscent of the old Dragnet TV series of the 1960's while well-seated in modern America. Zurl writes what he knows with clarity. The occasional very real language of secondary characters may prove unwelcome for some readers. The editing could use another round of detail oriented focus. Mr. Zurl's writing style is fast paced, only slowing during the wrap-up of the mystery. Rather than placing the climax near the end, however, Zurl has placed it closer to the center leaving the reader to expect an even more exciting climax that doesn't come as he unwinds this story. Even with the late lag in action, Zurl is careful to tie all the laces of his tale leaving the reader satisfied in the end. This is a book whole-heartedly recommended to those seeking a gentleman's view of law enforcement and the men and women who punctuate it!

Shaunna Gonzales