Here I Go Again (The Detective Malone Mystery Series Book 2)

Jen Flanagan

Detective “Mal” Malone thought she had everything under control, but suffice it to say that her life takes somewhat of an interesting turn. With a new employee taking over her office and a wannabe detective thrown into the mix, it does not make for a convenient or calm work space. When an old flame walks back into her life while she has a case of stolen jewelry to solve, Mal finds herself in an interesting and busy situation. Everything is at stake as they make their way through the case and the real question isn’t who stole the jewels, but who will survive this case? Has Mal bitten off more than she can chew?

There is a fun cast of characters in “Here I Go Again” and the title really speaks volumes for how poor Mal is feeling as she tries to get used to the new work situation she finds herself in. Though the plot generally moves at an even pace, in some spots it slows down almost to a grinding halt—but push through those because the story does improve. It might be worth going back to the first book in the series to see how the characters came to be together and what happened, but starting at book two doesn’t take away from the overall feel of the novel. Readers will enjoy going on a journey with Mal and her motley crew. A good mystery that holds off until the end for the big reveal. For those who enjoy mysteries, this is one they’ll be able to get their teeth into. Definitely a good read to pass the time with this spring.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick