A Haunting Reprise (Sybil Ingram Victorian Mysteries Book 3)


This enchanting story is set in the late 1800’s as Sybil has returned to London from Paris to try to see her dying father. She hasn’t seen her family in years because she became an actress, changed her name, married and traveled around. She also has a gift for seeing spirits and helping them resolve their earthly problems. So, when she reunites with her former mentor and all the other actors she used to know, she is met with an additional problem. Her little sister has come asking for her help as she also wants to become an actress. When Sybil helps her get a small part in a play, things take a turn for the worst when her former mentor is murdered, and she is blamed.

This story and the adventures it contains paint a wonderful picture of family values of yesteryear. Although this book does stand on its own, it might be in  the reader’s best interest to start at the beginning of the series. The mystery surrounding the murder and another haunting on top of that plagues the characters and pushes them into uniting together. What happens next is for readers to thoroughly enjoy. The lively troupe of characters makes this an adventurous mystery, one that readers will remember for a long time.

Jodi Martines