Harbor in the Storm (The Greek Isles Series #6)


Natalie Asimakis has been waiting for more than two hours for her husband to pick her up at the airport when her lost love Daniel appears, seemingly out of nowhere, and offers her a ride.  When she arrives at her apartment, she discovers that her husband James has been kidnapped. The ransom is a stolen USB keychain. When Natalie is warned not to contact the police, Daniel asks his friend, Steve Patterson, a private investigator, to help. They look everywhere for the USB but to no avail. After much digging, Natalie discovers James and a mysterious woman have gone to Greece, Natalie’s old home. It looks like a trip is in store for Natalie and Daniel…

The beautiful scenery in this story will dazzle readers. The azure blue of the sea, the clear skies and the beautiful skyline of Atlanta all come together to make a stunning backdrop for a magical novel. The sexual tension between Daniel and Natalie is wound so tightly one expects an explosion of desire to erupt at any moment. There are some problems with word tenses in the story that distract from an otherwise fantastic novel. Natalie's husband James, while never seen, is a deep and dark character who adds many twists to this work. "Harbour in the Storm" is the sixth book in author Angel Sefer's Greek Isles series. It is an excellent standalone, and in fact is so good it encourages one to read the rest of the series.

Belinda Wilson