Hanging Softly in the Night: A Detective Nick Larson

Maria Elena

Detective Nick Larson and his partner Detective Vitor Sacco are overworked and overwhelmed by a slew of cases, so it would be easy to write off the latest body hanging from the ceiling as the suicide it appears to be, but Nick’s gut is screaming that he actually has a murder on his hands. To make matters worse, Laura Howard, the woman Nick loves is still having issues with a psychotic twin sister and memories of Nick’s ex are ruffling his personal and professional life. As Nick and Sacco continue to investigate, more suspicious suicides turn up, and whether he’s ready or not, Nick will have to track down clues fast before the murderer-turned-serial- killer targets his next victim.

A high tension, emotion-filled police procedural, “Hanging Softly In the Night” is the written version of CSI:NY with an added dose of crazy. Readers will find themselves fully immersed in Nick’s feelings, fears, and determination to hunt the truth, as well as caught up in the mystery of who is killing all these people and why. The romance between Nick and Laura is equally passionate as they struggle with very real conflicting feelings. The story itself is very well written and engaging and keeps the reader guessing who the villain is until the end when the answer is laid out in a clear step by step manner. As the emotions can be gritty and dark at times, this story is not for everyone, but fans of modern detective shows will find plenty to enjoy in this book and will undoubtedly devour the prequel and be eager for book 2!

Sarah E Bradley