Gumshoe Girl


Sheagan O’Hare has inherited a detective agency, and although she’s shy on experience, she is determined to make a go of her family legacy. When her first case becomes tied up in an FBI investigation, Sheagan must prove she’s able to work like a pro to uncover the truth behind the missing woman, who seems to be all caught up in embezzlement, murder, and more. While the attractive but irritating FBI agent, Colin ‘Mac’ MacEvine might want her out of the way, Sheagan is determined to prove her worth and solve the case. With an old friend looking for a relationship, an agency to run, a mystery to solve, and both the FBI and danger to avoid, Sheagan has her hands full.

A traditional mystery with a new detective, “Gumshoe Girl” features a woman with bad taste in men, a recently deceased father, and a detective agency she only vaguely knows how to run. Fortunately, readers will enjoy watching Sheagan barge her way through this mystery that while confusing for a bit ends neatly. The romance on the other hand, is a love triangle between Sheagan, an old friend from high school and a broken ‘hero’ who spends the majority of the story looking down on the heroine, making her attraction to him more sheer lust than healthy romance. Still, this is an interesting beginning to a new series with plenty of potential and room to shine.

Sarah E Bradley